Shenzhen International Cross-border E-commerce Trade Fair 2019

2019 第三届深圳国际跨境电商交易博览会



Exhibition Overview

DIC has stepped into its tenth year in 2019 and witnessed the vigorous development of display industry in China. Against the global

context where the consumer electronics industry has been on the increase around the world year by year, Chinese display industry is also

taking of with greater industrial strength, constant technology innovation and increasing numbers of innovative applications. It is

evident that China has risen to become the new star that attracts the attention of the world in display industry! Following closely with the

general trend of the market, DIC has relocated to Shanghai in 2020 and hold an international exhibition on display technologies as well

as application innovations. With the brand-new mode of convention plus exhibition, we are dedicated to providing for the global display

industry a communication platform with higher standards, at a higher level and on a larger scale, constructing a platform to exhibit the

full industry chain for future-oriented new displays, touch technologies, and innovative applications, promoting the growth of independ-

ent core technologies and playing a bigger role in the global industry.

Global Leading Exhibition for new Display, Touch Technologies and Consumer Electronics

DIC EXPO 2020 will be held at National Exhibition andConvention Center (Shanghai) from July 22-24, 2020.

Hosted by China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association LCB, and organized by Licheng Exhibi-tions, DIC EXPO represents a grand event for new display, touch technologies, and consumer electronics leading in China and the world. Covering the full industry chain with display as the center, it is committed to helping companies in brand exposure, new product release, and supplier relationship maintenance. It is also a high-quality platform where procurers and experts in the industry can gain access to up-to-date market infor-mation and state-of-art technologies and learn from other leading experts around the world. It is hoped that through this platform, China will improve its innovative development in display industry, strengthen its foun-

dation and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the electronic information industry.

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