Shenzhen International Cross-border E-commerce Trade Fair 2019

2019 第三届深圳国际跨境电商交易博览会



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Exhibitors Buyers Categories

The buyers' domain:

The Aerospace and defence, the rail transportation, the automobile and auto parts, the commercial display, the petrochemical industry, the computer hardware and services, the consumer electronics, the energy/power/metallurgy, electricity, the entertainment and advertising media, the financial area, the industrial area, the Internet services, the leisure products, the materials, the medical devices, the semiconductor area, the finance, the insurance, the education and scientific research institutions, the real estate, government and society, the investment institutions, media, etc.

Visitors' job function:

the Management, the procurement, the design & R&D, the manufacturing, the technology, the sales & marketing, the project management, the engineering, the quality inspection, etc.