Shenzhen International Cross-border E-commerce Trade Fair 2019

2019 第三届深圳国际跨境电商交易博览会



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About Organizers


China Optics and Optoeletronic Manufactures Association Liquid Crystal Branch


Shanghai LiCheng Exhibitions Co.,Ltd


China Electronics Chamber of Commerce(CECC)

China Electronics Materials Industry Association(CEMIA)

Korea Display Industry Association(KDIA) 

Nikkei BP


China Optics and Optoeletronic Manufactures Association Liquid Crystal BranchCODA)is a secondary association affiliated to China Optics and Optoeletronic Manufactures Association and guided by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China. CODA is the only national display industry association in China, officially founded in July 1996, and BOE is currently the president company of CODA. It currently has nearly 400 members, which are distributed all over the country, mainly including small and medium-sized display and display panel module manufacturers, material suppliers, special equipment manufacturers, parts manufacturers, research institutions, colleges and universities, etc.


China Electronics Materials Industry Association(CEMIA)CEMIA was founded in 1991, and the corporate code is 50000319-5. CEMIA is a nationwide industrial social group formed voluntarily by enterprises and institutions engaged in the production, the research, the development, the management, the application and the education of the electronic materials , and its is not limited by sector, region or ownership. CEMIA  mainly serves the common interests of the industry through democratic consultation and coordination.



China Electronics Chamber of Commerce(CECC) has 8 major systems, 9 major platforms, 10 major departments, 6 industrial alliances, 20 professional committees and 21 local electronics chambers, provides daily services and business support to more than 10,000 members for promoting the continuous development of electronic products and national and international trade, strengthening the economic strength of its members, expanding the social influence of the chamber of commerce, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of its members, and fostering a favorable market environment for the production and operation of the electronic information industry.


Korea Display Industry Association (KDIA) was established in May 2007. It includes the world's number one and number two panel companies Samsung Display and LG Display, and 185 companies are members of the Association. KDIA operates jointly with EDIRAK(Electronic Display Industrial Research Association of Korea), and bring in KODEMIA (Korea Display Equipment Material Industry Association). 


Founded in April 1969, owned by Nikkei Business Publications, IncNikkei BP is a leading professional publisher in Japan, providing cutting-edge information and services in a variety of fields. Nikkei BP takes magazines, books, supplements and other publishing businesses and network businesses as its core, supplemented by exhibitions, seminars, customized publishing, surveys, consulting and other services in various modes, to meet the different needs of various readers and advertisers.


Shanghai LiCheng Exhibitions Co., Ltd is a professional exhibition and conference planning company. After years of exploration and development, has accumulated rich experience in the planning, design and construction of exhibition halls, organization and planning of large-scale exhibitions and conferences, market and industry analysis, etc. Shanghai LiCheng Exhibitions Co., Ltd has been committed to "build a professional business platform for emerging industries and markets"  and to become the industry leader and indicator . The company is deeply engaged in display, touch control, film, coating, die-cutting, adhesive tape, glass and other industries. Shanghai LiCheng Exhibitions Co., Ltd is currently the only organizer of Display Innovation Chian Expo in Shanghai, which is currently the largest and highest level professional exhibition of display industry in China. LiCheng has planned and organized ICD China, the FILM & TAPE EXPO, Shenzhen International 3D Curved Glass Manufacturing Technology & Application Exhibition, which are all leading exhibitions in various industries.