Shenzhen International Cross-border E-commerce Trade Fair 2019

2019 第三届深圳国际跨境电商交易博览会



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Services Contractor Service

Official builder designated by the conference: Shanghai Haibo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

Address: 401, Building 3, Baiyulan Environmental Protection Plaza, Yangpu District, Shanghai

Tel: 021-6568 5037


Contact: Miss Zhao, Miss Hu

Note: For standard booth decoration or simple decoration, please contact Miss Zhou and Mr. Wei at 021-6567 7157

Recommended builders:

In order to ensure the safety of the special decoration of the exhibition hall and the accuracy and standardization of the materials used, the special booth must be reviewed and approved by the main constructor before entering the site for construction. After multi-level review by the organizer, the following companies have certain booth design and construction qualifications for selection.

Shanghai Jingjiu Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd

Contact: Zhang Tao 18621170960 (same as WeChat) Ding Kai 18916486414 (same as WeChat)

Li Lin 19916562790 (same as WeChat)

Shanghai Gusi Exhibition Service Center

Contact: Liu Wenwen 13020224585 (same as WeChat) Liu Bin 13122695008 (same as WeChat)

Shanghai Yingzhan Exhibition Service Center

Contact: Feng Juanjuan 13391287260 (same as WeChat) Zhang Hao 13262877867 (same as WeChat)

Shanghai Wangyan Exhibition Service Center

Contact: Ai Qihong 13122660820 (same as WeChat) Zhang Jing 19145609486 (same as WeChat)

Shanghai Xizi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

Contact: Liu Xu 18616858230 (same as WeChat)

Shanghai Shiwei Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

Contact: Wang Jie 186 1612 2980 Zhu Pan 183 2155 8528

Tel: 021-3928 3186, 021-5984 5120

Shanghai Yitu Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

Contact: Zhu Zunpeng 136 6188 5409 Li Xinran 186 1610 2162

Tel: 021-5485 3951

Shanghai Aoguang Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. (AGE)

Contact: Dong Juan 138 1893 4801 Cheng Changsheng 138 1665 2324

Tel: 021-5899 6217